• 4~14 tires TPMS for Truck / Bus with Solar Powered Display - Mata-T02E
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TPMS for truck/bus with solar-powered display from Promata. Monitor up to 14 tyres for tyre pressure and temperature in real-time. Monitoring Range: 0~203 PSI (0~14bar).

Key Features:

      Wireless solar-powered display
      Can monitor up to 14 Tyres
      Long range monitoring without booster
      Long range monitor without booster
      Sensor battery long life: > 2 years
      Sensor battery replaceable
      Real-time monitoring tyre pressure and temperature
      Lock nuts for extra security
      DIY installation
      Monitoring range: 0~203 PSI ( 0~14 bar)
      Adjustable Monitoring Threshold

      Brand: Promata
      Product: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
      Sensor: External Truck Sensor