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Sinotek is very excited to introduce a new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) line, designed and crafted by Promata®. The new product, Mata 1E-8, has a solar-powered LCD display and waterproof external sensors for wireless DIY installation. The device is specifically designed for 4WD enthusiasts to monitor their tyre pressure and temperature. It monitors 8 wheels without a booster, which is great for RVs.
Model No.: Mata1E-8 Key Features
  1. Wireless solar-power display
  2. Monitoring Range: 0~87Psi / 0~6Bar
  3. All-weather design with IP67 waterproof sensors
  4. 10-metre long range sensor signal, no need for a booster

  1. BAR/PSI unit setting
  2. °F/°C unit setting
  3. Rechargeable solar-powered display
  4. Large mono digital screen displays all 4 tyre pressures and temperatures
  5. Automatic backlight night view
  6. Automatic screen brightness for clear view under strong sunlight
  7. Auto-sleep function for power-saving